EDR/XDR Monitoring

Threat actors are observed to be using mostly phishing attacks or similar tactics to establish an initial presence and then find ways to persist on the endpoint systems. The density of the number of recent similar attacks has resulted in that endpoint security possesses vital importance to enable the sustainability of enterprise systems. At this point, EDR and XDR systems take very important roles in security to monitor and defend network systems against cyber attackers. 


EDR solutions are composed of real-time constant monitoring, data analytics to detect threats, and rule-driven and automated responses providing rapid reaction against spotted threats. 


Enterprise networks include several various endpoint systems. Managing each system means an overwhelming workload for security teams. At this point, XDR provides simple solutions for enterprise network security. 

XDR solutions provide a single pane of glass visibility and management by integrating the entire infrastructure including endpoints, cloud systems, mobile devices, and similar ones of an organization.

ChainBreak provides EDR/XDR monitoring services according to the potential risks of the company.


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