Darkweb Services

Darkweb Monitoring


Uncovering the dark web notably presents a challenging landscape for organizations due to its anonymous nature and basic difficulties in forcing regulations. Monitoring a wide variety of dark web sources and layers also poses difficult challenges, but we provide services that accurately crawl, analyze, and interpret data from many sources through advanced and automated crawling algorithms to identify data exposures and malicious activities early. The analyzed data is ranging from massive dumps of compromised credentials, data leaks, torrents, exploits, stolen credit card information, and discussions about hacking tools, techniques, targets, and campaigns.

The scope of Darkweb Monitoring covers black markets, hacker forums, and hacker communication channels on several platforms including Telegram, ICQ, and Discord.


Virtual HUMINT


Virtual HUMINT (vHUMINT) provides human intelligence in the virtual world specifically in the dark web. For this sake, dark web researchers set their goals to analyze the risk, understand what a threat actor possesses related to your company, and mitigate the related risks.


Hacker Profiling & Tracking


Persistent threats are hard to cope with traditional detection or intelligence gathering approaches. To prevent persistent threats, ChainBreak provides hacker profiling and tracking services to profile the threat actor behind the scene. Dark web forensics teams set their goals to understand the threat actors’ motivation, define their tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP), and physically profile them in order to create a detailed file for law enforcement agencies. Additionally, understanding threat actors’ TTP and motivation help to prioritize the defensive measurements.


Hacker Profiling & Tracking service provides solutions for the use cases below: 

– Fraud Prevention

– Brand Protection

– Phisher Profiling

– Skimmer Profiling 

– Threat Actor Investigation


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